Danica Holoviak Arehart

Inspire, Balance, Create

Herbal Allies

Working with Healing Herbs

The healing processes that are set in motion during BodyTalk sessions can often be facilitated and enhanced with the use of herbal remedies and flower essences. Many herbs are safe, fast-acting, and gentle on the body.

Plants heal in multiple ways, addressing discomfort both at the level of the symptom and at the level of energetic vibration. They can help soothe physical or emotional pain, providing relief that allows the body to focus on deeper processes of healing. Plant extracts can provide a gentle alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals.

I advocate a ‘gentle to strong’ approach: start with the gentlest of possible treatments because sometimes healing cannot be received by a body if the remedy is too strong or too fast. Sometimes the strongest symptoms need the gentlest care; some bodies need to soften in order to allow the healing to find its way in.

This is why plant-based healing can work on a deeper level – as energy resonances that help to teach the body how to move into alignment. Use of a particular herb can remind the body of the work done in a BodyTalk session, providing the encouragement and gentle prodding that the body needs to move into health. Bodies can become accustomed to being out of balance, and sometimes need to be inspired to renew themselves – to change ingrained, unhealthy patterns.

Flower essences work in a similar way, but with a particular resonance with and potential to heal emotional aspects of the self. Flowers carry particularly potent emotional essences, and can facilitate balance and strength. For example, the lotus flower, which grows in muddy, dark conditions, carries the essence of beauty and transcendance amidst suffering and pain. Matching the appropriate herbs and flower essences with each individual person results from a combination of knowledge, intuition, and muscle testing, which ensures for a creative and individualized therapy that draws on the powers of nature to heal.

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