Danica Holoviak Arehart

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Reiki Energy Healing

mWhat is Reiki?

Rei means “spirit,” and Ki means “energy,” so literally, the word Reiki translates as “spiritual energy” or “universal life force.” All things consist of Reiki, since life force infuses all things. Reiki flows through our bodies along pathways – chakras and meridians – circulating through our bodies and keeping us in energetic balance.

As it is the in the nature of Reiki to achieve perfect energetic balance, Reiki can easily identify origins of physical imbalance. Flowing towards the out-of-balance area, Reiki clears the energetic blocks and allows the smooth, even flow of the life force to resume.

During a Reiki session, I place my hands over blocked areas of the body, encouraging and inviting the energy to flow as the body needs. Reiki is gentle and completely noninvasive, as healing energy flows through the body to relieve stress, pain and injury on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Reiki is a powerful complement to BodyTalk (which focuses on balancing and easing communication and energy flows within the body) because it draws also on the healing power of universal life force.

Private sessions and trainings are available: