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Spring-Time and The Liver


Summer is nearly here!

It certainly feels like it’s arrived.

What does the summer hold for you?

What are your goals for the summer?
Enjoy yourself

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Some tips for keeping your Liver healthy.
The Liver has been coming up for several people lately. So I thought I’d share some of the information that I’ve uncovered.

The Liver is our big processor. It assists the body in dealing with toxins we take in (environmental, food, medications), helps the body digest fats, aids in metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, produces and breaks down hormones, helps maintain the health of our blood, stores vitamins and minerals, produces 80% of the cholesterol in the body, processes emotions and events of the day, and supports us in adapting to life.

How do you know if your Liver is doing okay?

* Well, how is your skin? rashes, eczema, acne?
* How is your digestion? particularly of fats and proteins. After you eat how do you feel? uncomfortable, heavy, gassy?
* How are your menstrual cycles? PMS, heavy cramps?
* Are your eyes oversensitive to light?
* How well are you adapting to your life right now?
* Do you feel emotionally balanced? excess irritability or anger?


Verbena officinalis

Some things to try:

*Slow down. For the summer give your Liver a break from over-scheduling your days, over-planning or controlling every minute, and being in a hurry. Let serendipity joyfully surprise you.

*Create self-loving beginnings and endings to your day. Give your Liver a chance to ease into the new day and then a chance to wind down gently each evening.

* Eat artichokes (without all the mayo though). Eating artichokes and other bitters (leafy greens, roots like burdock, dandelion, salsify) will help support and cleanse the Liver. Try nettles and dandelion leaves, add tumeric, black pepper, and garlic to your food. Add ground milk thistle seeds to your grains, granola or cereal.

*Ease up on caffeine, alcohol, exposure to chemicals, stress, refined sugar, smoking.

*The Liver, when engaged in a balanced way, is our great organizer. Call on it to help you organize, plan, and create structure in your life. But don’t forget to leave space for play and fun. The Liver likes to work hard and it likes to play.

*Try some herbal tea, hot or cold: chamomile, lemon balm, red clover, vervain.

*And, of course, come in for a BodyTalk or Reiki session.